Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MP 2 HW # 3

In the news story "Story of the Midterms, Told Through 5 races" there isn't exactly a specific viewpoint the reporter is trying to make. The point and main attempt of the story was to convey the fact that Democrats are in danger in the coming election. You see in it it states that the Republicans who are made out to be encroaching predators which are going to swallow up seats this coming election. And, the Democrats are made out to be in an Alamo of sorts holding out against the Republican onslaught. Certain candidates that the story revolves around are Mr.Scott, Raul Grijalva, Ryan Frazier, John Murtha, Mr. Critz, Mr. Shuler, Mr. Obey, Barney Frank, Ike Skelton, John Spratt, Julie Lassa these mostly Democrats who are fighting for or trying to protect their political status. In short its trying to act as a wake up call for Democrats outlining Republicans as shakers who will upset the current equilibrium.

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