Thursday, October 14, 2010

Current Events 2

"Mining for men: C.lean miners who were nearly a half mile underground since August 5 – over two months. They were brought to the surface one by one in a man sized capsule. Each one felt as if they were reborn with a new life to live.

I, too, rejoiced over the rescue of the miners. It was good to hear how they spent their time underground praying and singing. It bothered me that they wanted cigarettes, and that one had a mistress but they seemed to forge a bond and came out strong after their ordeal.

The engineering needed to pull off this feat proves that miners trapped alive could be rescued. This expertise will be shared with others especially since an American engineer figured out how to make a 5.5-inch drill hole wide enough for a human. Unfortunately these miners will be bombarded with offers for interviews, movies, and book deals which will tarnish the joy of their rescue.

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