Monday, October 11, 2010

HW# 11

Congress would amend the Constitution in order to create a change in the law of the land. Something that is supreme and identified as such which would be a mark in our nation forever. But how can we change or implement it in the first place you ask? Its simple its a two step process that begins the proposal. This proposal can be done in one of two ways as well, one it can come about via a 2/3 rds vote of Congress, or two 2/3 rds vote of a congressional convention. The second part ratification also comes in two forms, one a 3/4 ths vote in the country's combined state legislature, or two a 3/4 ths vote in a state convention. note that conventions have only been used once. On that same topic a convention is a gathering of important people to vote on something so they could be politicians or not. An important fact to know is that you can only repeal or nullify an amendment is with another amendment.

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