Thursday, October 14, 2010

Current Events 5

In “What’s so bad about elites?” Clanrence Page discusses some would-be politicians’ use of the word “elite” as a way to put down their opponents. Anyone who is their opponent is labeled as elite or else they say they are the better elite.

Chrisine O’Donnell has called her opponent Chris Coons an elitist because he graduated from Yale and she didn’t. She is hoping to gather support from those who con’t consider themselves elite. Whereas Carly Fiona, who was a CEO of Hewlett Packard, says she’s a better candidate than others because it apparently takes one to get rid of the bad elites currently in power. Clarence Page concludes that this kind of electioneering wil dummy down the candidates.

I agree that if the politicians continue to rail against elites, meaning the well educated, then we will soon not have candidates that can do the job. But I don’t agree that all the candidates using the elitist argument are not intelligent. Mr. Page wondered what the impact on our children will be. Would they lose heart in striving for excellence if the candidates least qualified get elected? I certainly hope that the more qualified win and if not the next crop of candidates will rectify the situation. Not only that but we have to consider that what they might be saying isn't true as well it's hard to say if someone went to Yale but that they dropped out means that they are unqualified. I believe that we have to look at the stats concerning their actual work before we jump to conclusions.

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