Monday, September 20, 2010


A direct democracy wouldn't work because of the fact that in a direct democracy every single person has to vote and that would be time consuming because our population is too large. It would work better in a none changing small community. Our government works for the simple fact that our government has stood the test of time which means its working, for example even the most peaceful governments have some problems. Peoples reactions to government would be very different for example people would be held accountable for political actions cause they needed to educate themselves, People would expect more from the government thinking that their opinion would get farther and not get bogged down. Life would be more intellectually involved people would need to be politically savvy there also would be the problem of too many political opinions and not a clear enough majority to get things done. Representative democracy would be the best government for me because of the fact that its the most efficient form of democracy to date in which it allows necessary evils as well a white knights crusading for justice and it can show the greatest range of manageable opinions if the politicians can display them correctly.

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  1. great blog. A word of advise, do not use words like cant, dont, wouldn't because you are heading to college and they do not approve of that. So start from now on spelling out the whole words.